Quick thought: “OMG. Your so gay.”

I am a little frustrated by this one. I don’t want this blog to be about ranting and raving about everyone and everything that pisses me off in life that I am too scared to say something about in the real world, but this is something I will and do comment on when I see/read/hear it because its down right offensive!

Please, stop with the over use of “thats so gay” (and other suggestive variants) as an insult! Seriously. Ones gender preference is in no way indicative of the sort of person they are, and suggesting that to be anything but straight is something to be ashamed of, or offended by is insulting.

I feel embarrassed for people who still insist on using this as an insult as it shows nothing but ignorance!

4 thoughts on “Quick thought: “OMG. Your so gay.”

  1. janellelc says:

    to be honest, i still say this saying. i gear away from bad terms though sometimes.

    i don’t mean anything by them though

    • I’m sure you don’t, but unfortunately a lot of people who say this, do seem to believe it, and it does spread that ingrained idea that this is an legitimate insult.
      What provoked this post was the response to a publicized bullying email. The response suggested the male aggressor should go back to his shameful, gay relationship, with his domineering and twisted partner. It really upset me, as the original message was about children and in no way should have touched on sexual orientation. The responding blogger honestly thought this was a legitimate way to devalue a person. It broke my heart!

  2. Socialkenny says:

    I believe that gays are too sensitive.What should we call gays nowadays since the word gay seems politically incorrect?

    • Its not really the word gay, its more so the suggestion that to be gay is an insult, or a suggestion of perversion. In my experience its more so the social awkwardness that causes the over sensitive vibe, there are so many people still unsure about the whole thing, unable to accept it is simply a different preference to the one they know. I have known some wonderful not at all too sensitive lesbians and gay men, but then I have also known a few who were a little over sensitive, however in all cases this was a personal thing, not something related to their gender preferences.

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