How the other half live….

Today, I was thinking about the “other half”.  You know the ones, they can afford a giant swimming pool (well 2, one indoor, one outdoor), maids, butlers. home cinema, sauna, and a private jet to get them to and from their dwellings (although I cannot imagine why they would want to ever leave.) In the event that the jet is out of action they also have a couple of boats off their own jetty that they can use to get around, or the Porsche. The other half buy what they want, when they want. The other half have it made.

As I enviously tapped away on my computer, dreaming about life as one of the “other half” I came to the startling realization that I was actually all wrong about the other half.

The other half don’t always have access to the basics such as water, food and shelter, that I so often take for granted. The other half dream of the day that their biggest problem is whether or not the promotion will be granted, that they will win the item on ebay, or that they don’t have enough money to buy an entire new outfit for Saturday’s night out. The other half have lost too many loved ones to curable and/or preventable diseases. The other half dream of a good education.

I’m pretty sure, given that as I type this I am happy, healthy and safe, my stomach is full, the internet access is brilliant, and I am secure in the knowledge that I have a bed for as long as I need, that if life is about two pastures, one with greener grass than the other, then I am in fact nibbling away at the greenest grass this world has to offer…..

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