What am I waiting for….

It seems to me that I have spent most of my life as of late waiting. There’s the day to day waiting such as waiting for transport (cars, buses, trams, planes etc), the waiting for shop assistance, or waiting for an appointment. This waiting I can handle, its inevitable, and although frustrating, its part of life. What I am really sick of, is the other waiting. So many of us do it. “When I find out if I got the promotion, THEN Ill book a holiday, when I loose wait, THEN I’ll treat myself to a new pair of jeans, when I have someone special to share it with, THEN I’ll go there. This is the waiting I am sick of. I know this waiting too is slightly inevitable, but it seems all to easy to put your life on hold, and WAIT for things to be better.

When I really sit down and think about it, the friends that I would consider most happy on a day to day basis are not the ones who are “waiting” for certain things to eventuate before they start being happy, no, those people rarely mention the “WHEN”, but rather make the most of the NOW.

Lately my life seems to have revolved a lot around the WHEN and not enough around the NOW, which is a scary thought, after all, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, then I would have waited for what?!

I suppose what I am doing here is challenging myself, and perhaps whoever else there in blogland who reads this to start making the most of NOW and stop WAITING, this is it, this is life. There is certainly no second chances if whatever your waiting for never eventuates!

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