Inspired! Thanks Salam Pax!

So after many “drafted” blogs that never actually got anywhere today I am inspired to blog again! I am risking permanent damage to my eyes to do so, as my screen currently has a slash running right through the center, and is pulsating after an unfortunate meeting with the concrete footpath… if this is the biggest inconvenience in my life, I certainly can’t complain though!


So I have been reading a wonderful, albeit possibly a little out of date book version of a blog by Salam Pax. The book is The Baghdad Blog, and is based on his experiences 2002/2003 living in, you guessed it, Baghdad.

I’m not one to review or summarize, I wouldn’t do it justice, and I would HATE to misrepresent such work.

Instead, let me just say what it has shown me. I have found this to be an invaluable view of UN interventions in the East, seeing something other than what I see in the incredibly biased media.

In addition, I am in awe of the fact that while so much is going on around him Salam kept his spirit, his humor, and his devotion to keeping his readers/friends updated.

From what I have read so far, I can see that the intention was never mass appeal, but this book really reminds you how honesty, open communication and of course, technology can educate and inspire, others in ways you may never foresee, which in turn could hopefully contribute to creating a more peaceful next generation*.

It certainly has educated and inspired me.

*I admit, that I am an eternal optimist, I DO beleive that all of us have the power to do something positive for this world, I see possibility not restrictions and I do acknowledge that at times this may come across as me being the “naive/somewhat ignorant dreamer”. Sorry.

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