The toddler

Its funny how much we miss in life, because we are so busy thinking about someplace other than where we actually are in the here and now.

Take last night. I was on the train, and I was so focused on the destination, and stressing about the past, that I had to amuse myself with tedious iPod games, and silly little challanges to keep my self sane as the train slowly plodded from station to station.

Today, I took the same trip, but something was different. A young toddler got on the train and through his excitement I began to see the train a little different.

I noticed that this young boy was not at all occupied with the destination, the events preceding the trip, or the actual progress of the trip, instead, his attention was completely devoted to the here and now. First there was the soothing rocky motion of the train that caused him to sway slightly, giggling as he did so. Then there was the endless supply of characters, and all their bright colors, the punks with the large pierced ears, the tweed suited man carrying a green velvet violin case, and the old rocker who came on the train to promote his nights gig. Finally there was the fact that the train trip was providing him with a wonderful one to one experience with the father he loved so much. The boy spent the entire trip smiling, playing with his Father and exchanging happiness with anyone willing to reciprocate his smiles.

The boy was a wonderful reminder of how much more fun things are when you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the here and now.


*And yes, I still have a massive crack across my screen, and the screen wobbles as I write this (so apologies for any errors… its hard to self correct!) But I will continue!

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