Up until recently I have always thought of inaction as laziness, failure to move, failure to make a decision. Some sort of neutral way of living. I have applied this theory many times in my life when explaining my inaction and the inaction of others (i.e. He/She is just too lazy to come meet me.)

Now, after careful analysis (a.k.a sitting on my arse contemplating the ways in which I could improve my life) I am beginning to see that inaction really is a decision in itself. If there is something we really want in life, we will go out and get it.

Inaction is a decision in itself, its not failing to do something, its CHOOSING not to do it.

Realising this brings a sort of power, when I realise my laziness has cost me something I realise that perhaps I did not want that thing as much as I thought, because if I did, surely I would have made more of an effort.

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