The scariest three words I know

There are three words that seem to cripple so many of us, for so many reasons, reasons that we don’t always understand. Those three words are “I love you”. It’s so ironic because when it comes to spreading our love we don’t always hold back. It’s so easy to announce your love for a song, a movie star or the flirtatious bartender who has given you doubles for the price of singles all night. But then there is those we really love, the people closest to us, the people who make us smile, the people who make us feel worthwhile, the true objects of our deepest affections. When it comes to these people “I love you” suddenly becomes a minefield, and we avoid those three words, especially the “L” word like a long overdue dental appointment.
Theres the obvious, fear of rejection, fear that our declaration will be unwanted and not reciprocated. Then there’s the not so obvious, but very real fear that such a declaration may lead to further expectations, promises of something that we don’t know if we can give.
Whatever the reason it seems to me that the longer we hold off on acknowledging such feelings to the object of our affections, the harder it is to say, the more strongly we actually feel them, because the stakes are so much higher.
But then this may just be the ramblings of a non-committal, love-phobic, emotionally delayed avoider of love who is just looking for an excuse to continue avoiding the “L” word…..

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