Ïf you don’t like it… then read it again!’

Today I posted something a little controversial on my Facebook page. I realised I needed to put some comment that approached the easily offended of my friends (of which I know there are a few). As I searched for the right words, I stopped, when I realised that THEY were exactly the people who needed to read the post. So instead of the standard reminder that if they don’t like it then they don’t have to read it, I requested that friends who do feel offended read it again, and if necessary do a little research on the topic. I also suggested that if they were still offended after that then they discuss it with me. The reason? Its all good for people to read such posts and know that they agree, but surely the point of such things is personal growth, right? So if someone disagrees so strongly, perhaps either them, or me, need to re-evaluate our views. It is my opinion that if I am strong in my views, if I know them to be right, than a challenge, should be nothing more than a chance to perhaps assist another in seeing things a different way, if I am not strong in my view, then perhaps I have not thought about things properly, and such a conversation would be a good way to see things in a different light.

To summarise… gone are the days were I say, ”if you don’t like it lump it!” Instead I say, if you don’t like it, lets chat!!!


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