Life as a Paperbag

I use to think the way I looked was my chance to be individual, to show the world through the clothes I wore, the way I walked and the expressions I pulled who I was. Now I am not so sure.

The more I hear comments  stereotyping me and the people around me because of the color of my/their skin, accents, religious accessories (i.e. Kippa, cross necklace, hijab, bindi etc.), and the class represented by the clothing worn, the more I wish we all walked around in paper-bags and spoke through voice synthesizers!

Given the undeniable practice of like attracting like (not just socially, but also also employment wise) I cannot help but feel frustrated by how much these outward things are used as a stick to measure personal attributes, as if it is possible to understand a person based on these things alone.

The fact is we are, whether we realize it or not, attracted to those who we perceive as “familiar” to ourselves, and it seems to me, that those of a similar race, religion, class, or education level are those we generally perceive as familiar.

Yet when you think about it it is completely possible to be incredibly similar to someone even if they are of a completely different background, culture, religion etc, because who we innately are, who we were born to be has more to do with the way in which we process details, the way we look at the world, our morals, and our actual personality type, then anything that can be perceived by looking at the exterior/environmental details.

Sometimes I wonder if we almost need to start positively discriminating socially, ensuring that we have a culturally diverse group of friends to help this world reach a point where race, religion, culture are not determining factors in where we live, who we know, and where we work, because in my eyes, and clearly in the eyes of many others these details are still effecting the world in ways they shouldn’t.

There is something brilliant about diversity, so embrace it!!!!

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