back in the day….

I was holding a baby recently as it slept (all good, I had the parents consent, this wasn’t just a random case of picking up some strangers kid…) and as I looked at it I thought about how nice and secure it must feel to curl into a giants lap (because that’s what most adults are to babies, giants.) and sleep knowing that someone else is completely dedicated to making sure you are safe, secure, warm, and comfortable.  I mean, these kids don’t even have to worry about keeping their bladder and bowel in check when they are sleeping, talk about the ultimate level of relaxation. As I looked down at the baby I realized  what a sad twist of fete, by the time we are old enough to appreciate the amazing sense of relaxation we are privileged enough to enjoy we are past it.

Then I thought of the other “benefits” of being younger that I never quite appreciated, falling asleep in the car and knowing someone would carry me to my bed when we reached our destination, not having to pay bills, having someone else plan evening meals every night, being able to run around the front yard naked because its hot without being slapped with a charge of indecent exposure… the list goes on.

Just as I was wandering how I could better educate this young baby so that it too did not befall the same fete as me (and pretty much everyone else) going through childhood not knowing how good they have it, when I stopped myself and thought of the people so many years older than me.

I wondered what they would think of me, a semi-young adult, still in their “prime” not having to worry about hip replacements, dementia, how much money is left in the retirement fund… the list goes on.

Perhaps I am the one who has it made, I can work, play, drink, party, and I am early enough in my life, that the world is my oyster. My future is not set in stone, if I start now, I could really be whatever I want. I don’t have to worry about my failing body.

I guess the one who really needed the reminder of how good they really have it was me. Funny that.

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