Today I need to vent. I am a little tired of seeing travelers/”volunteers” photographs of children from different countries, namely children of color, being exploited by wannabe do-gooders who feel the need to over publicize their travels and the $1 equivalent they gave to the cute children begging in some Asian/African country in exchange for a charming profile picture.

We certainly would not take kindly to any person walking down the streets of any English or American city taking happy snaps of random children would we?

Children rarely understand the consequences of people photographing them, and as adults it is our job to set the standard and respect their right to privacy, REGARDLESS of which country they come from.

When working with children, employees are more often than not warned never to take personal photos of the children they are working with, and certainly never put any of these photos online, yet we all smile and accept people posting pictures of children from different countries… why? Do they not deserve the same privacy rights?

We need to start a shift in culture and start making it clear that when it comes to children’s privacy, race and home country should not be a factor in what level of privacy they are granted. Understood?!

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