Phone etiquette

I’ve had enough!!!! Today I had to wait in line YET AGAIN while another self righteous moron discussed what they had for tea last night while fumbling around for their credit card at the self service kiosk at my local shop. So distracted by the conversation, this phone user took a ridiculous amount of time, pausing every 30 seconds or so to listen to their caller. Meanwhile, I stood waiting after a ridiculously long shift wanting to buy my loaf of bread and get the hell outta there.

I get it, phones are useful. I live on mine, I love it, I’d be lost without it, in fact I take a charger to work most days because sometimes I just spend all day on it (I have a very lazy job sometimes.) That said, things with phones are now going to far and I am sick of it. I am sick of listening to silly conversations that are not at all urgent (“So after I found out that they didnt have my size I had to walk 3, no, hang on, 4 meters down the road to go to the next shop”) or way to personal (“I can’t believe they called social services, I didn’t do anything, I swear”) conversations, that frankly did not need to be held in a public area. I hold hope though, I believe that these things can be fixed and that maybe its just a case of us not yet been well enough educated on phone etiquette… so please let me educate* you.



Switch your phone on silent when having an ongoing text/whatsapp/BBM etc coonversation or playing a game in a confined area (i.e. bus)

Focus on the person you are with rather than the people your texting when out with friends and family

Turn your phone on silent when leaving it in a staff tea room

Look where your walking when on your phone, if you can’t focus on walking GET OFF THE PHONE!


Talk about things you would not discuss with a stranger… the strangers are listening

Talk loud and excessively in confined spaces on your phone (i.e. the bus)

Use your phone when at a cashier or self checkout, especially when people are waiting

Be mistaken into thinking that it is more important to first tag yourself when out with friends, then say hello

Have your phone between you and another person when having a phone conversation, even if it is on silent, take the time to be where you are, don’t allow yourself to be held hostage to your mate Benny messaging you to tell you he just saw the hot girl working the till at his local bakery

…. and finally, DON’T be mistaken into thinking that excessive phone use in public makes you look busy, important, or popular. It doesn’t, it just shows other people that you are willing to put your own trivial entertainment first or that you are so insecure that you can’t be seen alone in public without a prop.


*I in no way claim to be a trained educator of any sorts. I am merely a layman who is sick to death of having mobile phones dominate all aspects of real interaction.

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