The work of God.

Ohhhh boy. I have had it!!!!! I am in complete support of people being grateful to God for the good things in life (i.e.the blessing of this beautiful world, for the wonderful people) but at some point this gratefulness actually gets a little patronizing to the people who have not been graced by Gods good work.

Case and point…. I just saw this status update: “Short queues at the airport- God is good!”

Say what?? I’m sorry, Famine, floods, terminal illness’ and sorts are out of Gods control, but making sure his holy servant can board a plane stress free- that is not just in his control, but something that he deems so important he must prioritize it?!

I am not trying to slam God here, or his believers, but what I am trying to say is that the belief that one is so important that God graces them with a quick check in at an airport, while others die of unavoidable diseases seems a little callous. Surely, the better wording here would be “Aren’t I lucky?” because, lets face it, that’s all it is. Luck. The difference between anyone of us fortunate to fly, and those who are unfortunate enough to be born into poverty/illness is LUCK.

I refuse to believe that a certain set of souls are more important than others, that God deliberately put the better souls in certain bodies, and graced them with not just the resources to eat, but also the fortune to own a computer, to fly, and everything else us “other half” can afford. No, I believe that we are all handed a set of cards when we are born, parents who look after us, or parents who desert us, financial security or poverty, illness or good health, etc. I believe that this set of cards has nothing to do with past life,  and everything to do with complete and utter randomness.

Sure, attribute the strength of some to fight adverse conditions, the beauty of nature, or the miracle of birth to God, but good fortune? Please, do not think for one minute that you “deserve” that. Be modest enough to admit your good fortune and good luck. Please.

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